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Segment Rings - Plugs - Nipple Barbell - Bone Earlet - Titanium Captive

14k Gold Oval Curved Barbell

The Oval Curved Barbell will add a lot of sparkle to your piercing. The gem is 8x6 in size so it will not go unnoticed this summer. The Gold used in this Piece is Totally Nickel Free and available in either; solid 14K Yellow Gold or solid 14K White Gold. The Gems used are Genuine Swarovski Cubic Zircons. They are all hand set Not just glued in as with most companies. Naturally we can replace the Cubic Zircons for any Genuine Precious Stones you would like as you can see on our Genuine Gem Page. Just email us if we can help with anything.

Surgical Steel Polo Lock

Here is a piece that has been requested often. It is a 316LVM Surgical Steel Lock. It is not a working lock with a key but does require a screwdriver to operate it. We have several different styles of Locks Available. Measurements Based on 8 Gauge Width 19 mm Depth 6 mm Base Height 19 mm Overall Height 29 mm

Smooth Glans Ring

Surgical Steel Smooth Glans Rings can 'keep some things around a little longer. It can add excitement for both you and your partner during those intimate moments. The Ring is 8 gauge in thickness and it is welded to a solid piece. To measure we suggest that you purchase our sizer kit which consists of nine O rings ranging in size from 3/4 to 1-7/16. The cost for the set is only $17.99 and can save you a lot of money and trouble by ordering the correct size the first time. You can find that set here; Glans Sizer Set. You want the fit to be Not Tight and also Not Loose just snug While you are erect. Otherwise when you are erect you can use a string to measure around your penis right behind the head where you want the ring. Then divide that measurement by 3.1 and that will give you the diameter that you need to order.

Bone Flared Earlet Tubes

The Bone Flared Earlet Tubes are made from Water Buffalo Bone. These pieces are truly organic so color variations may occur in these earlets since they are not machine created. This would be an awesome addition to your piercing collection.

14k Micro Marquise Eyebrow Curved

The 14k Micro Marquise Eyebrow Curved Barbell has a 4x2 mm gem. The 14K Gold we use is; Solid 14K Nickel Free Gold. We use Palladium instead of Nickel in the Gold to help insure you of a healthy piercing. The Gold is available in either; 14K Yellow Gold or 14K White Gold and all of our Gold is 100% Solid. No Hollow balls that crush with us. The gems we use are Genuine Swarovski Cubic Zircons and are not machine set they are all Hand set which makes it much less likely that a stone will fall out on you. Being Swarovski Zircons they will not quickly cloud over like the Austrian Crystal and the plastics will. Naturally we have all Genuine Stones available as well. If you would like Genuine Gemstones in this piece just email us and we will be happy to give you a price quote. All of our 14k Gold pieces are Internally Threaded for your comfort with the exception of the 18 gauge which can only be externally threaded.

Titanium Duplex Carousel Spirals

The Titanium Duplex Carousel Spiral will add some nice color to your body piercing. This piece is made out of Titanium.

Fancy Gem Set Nipple Rounder(s)

The Fancy Gem Set Nipple Rounder is Sterling Silver with clear gems. This piece can only be used with a 14 Gauge Straight Barbell which is Not Included.

Heart Hybrid Curve w/ Prong Top

The Heart Hybrid has a 4 Prong Setting made out of 14k Gold and is made out of Surgical Steel. The Heart Gem is 6mm in size and is permanently attached. The Top Gem is a 3mm Round Gem with a 4 prong setting which is also made out of 14k Gold. These are also internally threaded for your comfort and can be made in either White or Yellow Gold.

Sun and Moon Hologram Cannister Plugs

The Hologram Canister Plug is made from 316LVM Surgical Steel. There are several different ones available and all imitate motion of some kind when tilted such as fireworks lips moving eyes opening and closing or human heads changing into a skull only. Another cool aspect of them is that they al have a hidden compartment that serves as a good hiding spot for umm your o-rings (which are not needed for them) yea that's it.

Titanium Double Captive

The Titanium Double Captive is a really colorful and awesome addition to your piercing. These are made from Surgical Grade Titanium for your comfort. This piece can be used in various piercings and it can be used as three different pieces. The rings are removable so you can take one or both rings off to give this piece a whole new look. NOTICE: Matching colored balls and shafts except on - 0ga 00ga 7/16" and 1/2" Gauges. These 4 gauges will come with Surgical Steel Balls. 18 gauge is Externally Threaded

14K Gold - Segment Rings

The Same as the Surgical Steel Segment Rings except that these are made from Solid 14K Gold. A really beautifully designed piece in the 14K Gold. Even though they are easier to work with then a Captive Bead Ring we recommend getting the Ring Opening Pliers for the Larger Gauges like 8 gauge and larger to make them even easier to open. We recommend this for any type of a Captive Ring. Also if you do not see the Gauge and Size that you need please email us and we will be happy to get a quote for you. The Gold used in this Piece is Totally Nickel Free and available in either; solid 14K Yellow Gold or solid 14K White Gold.

Lion Print Eardrops

The Lion Print Eardrops are distinguishing to your character and they Hand Carved from Real Buffalo Horn so they can vary a little. Although they are carved from Genuine Buffalo Horn no animal life was taken to acquire the horn and no suffering is involved in the acquisition of the horn. These idolizing pieces for 14 gauge piercings only.

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