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Nipple Trainers - Insertable Body Jewelry - Diamond Nostril Screw Nosebones

Gem Set Surgical Steel Labrets

The Labret is a barbell stud with a fixed flat back and a removable End. 316LVM surgical grade stainless steel

Surgical Steel Straight Barbell(s)

Our Surgical Steel Barbells are all 316LVM NOT the cheaper commercial grade of 316L Surgical Steel body jewelry that you are usually offered by many other company's. Our Barbells are threaded for a precision fit and for the most part 8 gauge and larger are all internally threaded and smaller than 8 gauge is externally threaded however we can sometimes accommodate special requests just ask us first. Barbells are the perfect choice for tongue nipple and male genital piercings. Bar measurements are taken from between both balls. Barbells come with solid 316LVM Surgical Steel balls.

Faux Oval Opal Curved Barbell with a Prong Top

This oval synthetic Opal curved barbell with a Prong Top is made from tarnish resistant Genuine Argentium Sterling Silver Settings and a 316LVM Surgical Steel Shaft. The Bottom Setting is permanently attached to the Curved Barbell so you won't lose it. This piece is available in 5 different opal colors so that choice will be up to you. This is an Internally Threaded Curved Barbell as are most of our pieces.

14k Gold Bezel Princess Curved Barbell

This one will take your breath away with all of the custom work in this stylish piece. It contains two 4x4mm Princess cut gems in half bezel settings which you can choose the gem colors for to dress it up for your own individuality. The Gold used in this Piece is Totally Nickel Free and available in either; solid 14K Yellow Gold or solid 14K White Gold. The Gems used are Genuine Swarovski Cubic Zircons. They are all hand set Not just glued in as with most companies. Naturally we can replace the Cubic Zircons for any Genuine Precious Stones you would like as you can see on our Genuine Gem Page. Just email us if we can help with anything.

The Nipple Trainer

This piece is a great way to stretch those nipple piercings. It is made from All Surgical Steel. It can be a used for a temporary sensation or you can use it as a trainer to accomplish a more long term result as well. The choice is up to you. You never want to wear The Nipple Trainer for long periods of time though as it is not designed for that. Shorter periods of time with just a question of frequency to be decided. Also you want to use this tool very carefully if you stretch your piercing too fast you can tear your skin causing major problems. Slow and Steady is the key for stretching any piercing. If at anytime you feel a numbing sensation while wearing this piece you should remove it immediately. Do not crank down on it just because you can.

Genuine Diamond - Bezel Cluster - Nostril Screw or NoseBone

This Diamond is approximately 5 mm in diameter. The Diamonds used in this Piece are Six 1.25 point and one 1.5 point Genuine Diamonds making a Total Carat Weight of over 8 points and a ton of sparkle from all the different facets. The Gold used in this Piece is Totally Nickel Free and available in either; solid 14K Yellow Gold or solid 14K White Gold. These are also available in the Straight NoseBone Style the L-bar or the Unbent Fishtail styles. Stone Color H-I Stone Clarity VS Gold Quality 14K Solid - Nickel Free Yellow or White 14K Gold

Titanium Duplex Carousel Straight Barbell

Titanium Duplex Carousel Straight Barbell would make a great addition to your piercing jewelry. This piece is nice because it will add very vibrant color to your piercing. This piece is made from Titanium and it can be made with either a 3/16" or a 1/4" balls. This option is up to you.

Glass Juggernaut

The Glass Juggernaut insertable is used for pleasure of all kinds with the class of glass. This insertable has a base plate of 70mm in diameter. The Height is 115mm and the pod diameter is 25mm-60mm so it is only for the serious and not the beginner. This insertable is toy that can be warmed up or cooled to suit your needs. We also only use lead free glass and its hypoallergenic.

Pear Gem Set Hybrid D Ring

The Gem Set Pear Hybrid D Ring has a Setting made out of 14k Gold and the D Ring is made from 316LVM Surgical Steel. The Pear Gem is 8x5mm in size and is attached to the D Ring. The setting is permanently attached "Fixed" to the D Ring on one side. Being "Fixed" means that you will not have to worry about losing the charm or fumbling with loose beads like you might with a captive ring. Also it will always be facing the same way instead of spinning around backwards. It can be set for a horizontal like for a nipple piercing which the D-Rings are really great for or any vertical piercing like for a navel piercing. The Gem Setting can be made in either 14K White or Yellow Gold which ever you prefer and in a wide variety of gem colors.

Blackline Straight Barbell(s)

Our Blackline is PVD coated Surgical Grade Titanium. PVD is has been used in the medical industry since the late 1980's for items such as pacemakers surgical instruments and orthopedic implants. So needless to say it is safe for body piercings as well. This finish provides a virtually permanent scratch proof and colorfast piece for you. These pieces are black Today and they will still be black Next Week Next Month and so on.

Machine Cog Fancy Earlet(s)

These are a variation on the traditional Earlet. They work the same way and include the O-ring except that we have added a little more style to them. They are also available in a variety of sizes.

Internally threaded Titanium Screwball Ring(s)

Wide Gap Internally Threaded Titanium Screwball Rings. These Screwballs are a little different in that even when the ball is screwed all the way in there is still a small opening so they are not good for piercing like PAs and a few others but for nipples or ears where gravity will help them to hang properly and not come out they are great. There is no more pliers need to insert or remove your ring. Also being Titanium which has no alloys it makes allergic reactions slim to none with this piece. And being Titanium the body jewelry it is much lighter then the same piece in Surgical Steel or Gold. You can have either a Titanium Ball or a Surgical Steel Ball which ever you prefer. The 00ga 7/16" and 1/2" are only available with Surgical Steel Balls but the Ring is still Titanium. 18 gauge is Externally threaded all other are all Internally Threaded. Remember these Screwball Rings have a larger then average gap on them so they are Not Suitable For A piercing like a PA or any other piercing where they will not be hanging vertically all the time.

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