Body Jewelry Catalog

Frenum Loop Jewelry - Captive Ball Glans Rings - Steel Tunnels - Tube Collar

Gem Set Side Curved Barbell

The Gem Set Side Curved Barbells are a great way to dress up those horizontal piercings. These Curved Barbells are 316LVM Surgical Steel and all are internally Threaded. You can choose from 12 different gem colors to make each piece your own. 18 gauge is externally threaded All others are all Internally Threaded.

Surgical Steel Screwball Rings

It looks like the Captive Bead Rings BUT it is not. This is a great piece of jewelry if you are tired of fumbling with those beads. The ball actually is threaded and screws into one end of the ring so there is no need to be Houdini or to use the ring pliers. These rings are also constructed from the same 316LVM Surgical Steel as all of our Surgical Steel items.

Obscene Saying Tongue Straight Barbell

Trying to get your point across without verbally saying it to others. The Obscene Saying Tongue Straight Barbell will do just that for you. They are made out of Surgical Steel and there are plenty of different sayings to choose from. Click on the photo to enlarge it so that you can get the correct style number for the saying that you would like.

Spangles Boomerang

The Spangles Boomerang is a really cool piece made from Soda Lime Glass. Soda Lime Glass is a nonporous glass that is easy to clean. So it makes it the perfect material for Body Jewelry.

Single Dolphin Navel Orbital

These Navel Orbital's come with a Surgical Steel Gem Set Curved Barbell in your choice of colors and the Orbital is made from Sterling Silver. They just slip on and off of the barbell so you can wear the Orbital or just the gem set curved barbell you are actually getting 2 different navel pieces with this deal. They are great for special occasions or even to wear all of the time. These are not the Tin or Pot Metal types that you may have seen already and also unlike others we do include the Gem Set Curved Barbell with your Orbital.

4 Prong Round Hybrid Curved Barbell

The 4 Prong Round Hybrid Curved Barbell uses a 6mm stone in a setting made from 14k Gold. The shaft of the Curved Barbell is Surgical Steel. The 4 Prong Round is permanently fused to the Curved Barbell. This piece gives you the option to have a Surgical Steel Gem Ball too. These two metals fuse well together for a very solid piece. It is also internally threaded for your comfort and the Prong Setting can be made in either White or Yellow Gold.

Lucite Plug(s)

Lucite Plugs made from a type of plastic and totally safe for use in Body Jewelry and come in a wide variety of beautiful colors. The O-rings are also included with the Lucite Plugs.

Beaded Frenum Loop - Glans Ring

The Barbell is pictured but NOT Included See Below for How You Should Measure If you need the barbell also or just want one that will be an exact match with the Frenum Loop you can get those right here; Whether you already have a Frenum Piercing or not you are really going to love this piece or maybe we should say that SHE will. Hard to say which one will get more pleasure from it. Frenum rings are made to be worn in conjunction with a frenum piercing. If you don't have the Frenum piercing then check out our Glans rings and cock rings found here; The ring slips behind the head of the penis and the barbell is inserted through ring and the frenum piercing on the underside of the penis. We recommend that you wear a frenum ring ONLY if you have a healed frenum piercing not a new piercing. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask us; To measure yourself for a Frenum Ring: While you have an erection take a piece of string starting anywhere along the frenum piercing wrap the string around your penis one time. With a pen/marker mark off on the string where it meets the end. Measure the string between the end and the mark. Take that measurement convert it to a decimal then divide that number by 3.14. That is your "Inner Diameter" measurement. Example: 4 3/4" outer diameter or string measurement 4 3/4" converted to decimal: 4.75" 4.75 divided by 3.14 = 1.51 1.51 = 1 1/2" (approximately) We will be happy to help you with the conversions if you need it. Just email us. Remember the Barbell is NOT Included with this.

Double Tube Collar

This Double Tube Collar is made from Surgical Steel. Why not have a matching collar to go with all of your piercing Jewelry. We also have the matching bracelet too. It is very stylish and it comes in three different sizes to accommodate most all neck sizes. The thickness of the collar is approximately 1/4 of an inch. We measure these collars the same way that you measure for a Captive Bead Ring. We measure the inside diameter only it is not like a normal necklace. So you would want to hold a ruler to your neck and measure the largest part to get your necklace size. Also to check your measurement you can use a cloth tape measure or a string to measure your neck and then divide that measurement by 3.14 and that will give you the diameter if your neck where a perfect circle. Because the shape of your neck is not an absolute perfect circle this is just used as a way to check your measurements.

Surgical Steel Flesh Tunnel(s)

Flesh Tunnels are a Sleeve of Surgical Steel with one fixed lip and another threaded lip to make for easy removal just by unscrewing and also eliminates the need for an O-ring. They have an inside length of 7 mm. They turn your piercing into a peep hole "to see right through your body". Priced Individually. Order two for a Pair.

14k Dual Prong Set Princess Cut Curved Barbell

The 14k Dual Prong Set Princess Cut setting is about 6x6 mm in size. The 14K Gold we use is; Solid 14K Nickel Free Gold. We use Palladium instead of Nickel in the Gold to help insure you of a healthy piercing. The Gold is available in either; 14K Yellow Gold or 14K White Gold and all of our Gold is 100% Solid. No Hollow balls that crush with us. The gems we use are Genuine Swarovski Cubic Zircons and are not machine set they are all Hand set which makes it much less likely that a stone will fall out on you. Being Swarovski Zircons they will not quickly cloud over like the Austrian Crystal and the plastics will. Naturally we have all Genuine Stones available as well. If you would like Genuine Gemstones in this piece just email us and we will be happy to give you a price quote. All of our 14k Gold pieces are Internally Threaded for your comfort.

Hand Carved Cattle Bone Skull Necklace 1 of 5 styles available

This necklace is a one of a kind piece. It has individually hand carved Skulls from Indonesia carved from genuine cattle bone. The skulls are tapering in size with an extra large center skull. There are small wood beads between each skull so that you can see the detail on each skull. The necklace is approximately 25" in length. Although they are carved from Genuine cattle bone no animal life was taken to acquire the bone and no suffering is involved in the acquisition of the bone.